Frequently Asked Questions


Who are insta model growth?

The holy grail of social media is to get paid to take pictures! Insta model growth helps you reach the dream! We are a collective of social media marketing experts dedicated to getting you more Instagram followers and as a result increase engagement getting you closer to living the insta life! The more followers you have, the more likely you are to receive modelling jobs, paid endorsements and free round the world trips!. (Many of our clients have been able to quit their 9-5 and become full time social media influencers. (See the about us section Here)

What do you do?

We increase the amount of followers you have on Instagram! Increasing your likes, comments, video views and general engagement! This opens up many doors to progress your modelling career! You could gain up to 5,000 + followers a month!



How does it work?

Through our extensive knowledge we have created a system which only targets instagram users which will take a genuine interest in you and your content. This means our service is TAILOR MADE for YOU

We target these instagram users who will genuinely take an interested in you and your content based on many hours of research, a substantial amount of data and a number of carefully selected parameters including (but not limited to) The pages/accounts they follow, time spent on instagram, hashtags they use, location, pages views, photos likes among a plethora of others, we then combine all of this data to find the users which will be most interested in you and your content and target them, bringing them to your account and as a result following you. For a more in depth 'how it works' visit HERE

When will I see results?

You will see results almost immediately! As soon as we start your service you will see your followings and as a result followers increase continuing week by week.



How many followers will I get?

You could get up to 5,000+ Followers a month. The amount of followers you get will fluctuate from month to month this is due to our service getting you more followers in a completely organic way . Also as we run following and unfollowing cycles. Whilst we are following people who are interested in your account you will see your followers increase dramatically, whilst we are unfollowing you may not see a large increase in your followers. Your results may vary slightly depending on how man Following / Unfollowing cycles you may have during the month.

How much does it cost?

We have two packages for you to choose from HERE. A monthly package at just £20 Per month or a yearly package at £199 Per year (2 months free!)



Why should I choose you?

We are an experienced network of social media marketing experts with £20 million invested and over 1 Billion minutes of video views on social media . With a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their social media goals! We have helped vast numbers of people around the globe increasing their follower base creating opportunities for our services subscribers.

To achieve results even comparative to the results we provide our clients on a daily basis would cost you hundreds to thousands of pounds spent per post through paid promotions!

The followers that other services get you are fake or robot accounts which aren’t real people who wont engage with your content. All of the followers you will obtain through our service will be organic, this is the best way to attain followers for a number of reasons! If brands/ companies are looking to book/pay you for Instagram jobs, and you have a million followers (through buying followers) but only 100 likes/comments on your pictures, (as brought followers wont be engaging with your content) this puts your self and your account in a bad light and companies will be able to see this and wont ant to work with you.

We exclusively attain you ORGANIC followers.

How/why are you different/ better to buying followers?

There are services in which you can buy followers for your social media accounts, you shouldn’t use these services under any circumstances, especially for the long term opportunities social media can create, for a number of reasons.

1.       These services use fake profiles or ‘robot’ profiles in order to follow you, companies often delete these profiles after a few months, as a result after a few months the followers you have paid for will disappear!

2.       As these are Fake/’Robot’ accounts, they will not actively engage with your content in terms of liking / commenting and watching your videos. This not only makes your account look bad but when Potential brands, companies, photographers and whomever may want to work with you see your profile and see the discrepancy between the followers you have and the likes and comments you have, they will be put off. It’s not helpful to yourself or a brand if you have 1 million followers but 2 likes a picture.

As our service only generates real, organic followers, not only will your followers increase exponentially, but the engagement with your profile will also increase as well!  



When should I use your service?

Whether you have 1 Follower or 100,000 you will benefit greatly from our service! Not just in way of getting more followers, you will also see increased engagement with your pictures/videos.


Do I have to be a model to use your service?

No actually! If you just wanted to gain more followers on your account our service works for anyone.