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More followers = More leads, More customers & More Revenue!


Instagram has over 100 Million daily active users! Almost exclusively on mobile as well, It fast became a vital platform for everyday users, social media influencers and business’s alike! For business's be they local, national or international, it’s one of the best ways to reach and engage with people and potential clients locally, nationwide and internationally. It’s a fantastic platform for turning targeted members of these 100 million daily users into leads, sales & customers! It's a powerful sales generating tool most business's leave untapped!

As a result growing your Instagram To reach more of these users can increase your business’s revenue!

That’s where we come in! We’ve developed a service dedicated to rapidly, effectively and organically growing your business’s Instagram account by thousands of highly targeted, niche followers!

Our team has spent a lot of time learning what brings massive results for a business’s instagram growth, something we know that is vital is working with people that understand your business and Instagram goals as much as they understand their own. We understand that business owners want to reach more potential customers, who are qualified to purchase from them, in a cost effective manner! As a result we developed a cost effective way to grow your Instagram page, that is tailor made to your own company and target customers and ultimately achieves amazing AND consistent results.

Therefore allowing your products and/or services to be seen by Thousands of highly targeted potential clients!

This is why we created a service around just the points above! We take the time to learn about your company; who your target customers are; who your rivals are; who your target customers follow; where they go;  if you sell locally, nationally or internationally and many more items which allow us to create a profile of the Instagram users who will be most interested in your content, company and products/services. We then target these people, engage with them and bring these people to your account, organically growing your Instagram by up to 5,000+ highly targeted followers and potential customers a month for just £30 per month!

Less than you Spend On your morning cup of coffee every month!

How Do We Target?

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Online Stores

Do you sell online products, services or programs? We’ll take an in-depth look at your company and the items it offers and find people that will be interested in your product(s) with niche based targeting bringing high quality followers and leads to you! Using a variety of unique, interest based targeting techniques.


You created an amazing product.  Now you just have to get it in front of more people who actually want to pay you for it!  


Location Based Targeting

Do you own a local walk-in store or a selection of them? We’ll target people within the local area who will actually be able to walk in your store! Generating high quality followers and as a result leads, who are 'qualified', to come in store! We will also use location based targeting to capture the clients who visit your competitors businesses.

You'll be surprised just how many of your competitors are leveraging the power of insta and are killing it...

What are you waiting for?

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Interest Based Targeting

For online stores, we’ll target people who already take an interest in the sector your business operates in, through a number of parameters such as: stores; companies; brands; people/influencers they currently follow, the hashtags they use among others! Also for both online and local stores, we use location based targeting to generate interest based. high quality followers. We’ll find people who visit places which are highly relevant/within the same sector as your business and target them! For example if you sell online gym programs, we can target people who go to local gyms around the country (or beyond) or if you own a local gym, we can target people who visit local healthy food shops !

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